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SNOWY ALPS// Zipper clutch/ Travel pouch with leather triangles by Cosmo Bits

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Gold & Crystal Bar Bracelet – Taupe by Ayofemi Jewelry

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Vintage Mid Century Modern Kids Chair by Kibster

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Triptych Ring -(Black Diamonds and 14K white gold) by Tiny Armour


20 Sweet Chevron Bags- Yellow by Inspire Lovely


Heart Garland – Baby Shower Garland – Baby Room Decoration – Fabric Garland – Baby Heart by Baby Sunny’s


IMG_2912on monday, the 25th, we had a small gathering to celebrate the grand opening of our brand new etsy store: BABY SUNNY’S LEGGINGS! we are beyond excited to share with you some of our products that are hand made especially for fabulous babies everywhere!

IMG_2910production started earlier in the year and now we have the store stocked full of the cutest, softest baby leggings for both girls and boys. we also have baby hats {our top knot hats are a success!}; 6 pocket fabric diaper storage for the most awesome nurseries and fun cloud shaped pillows! check it out!

IMG_2902 IMG_2900 IMG_2904IMG_2908 IMG_2906 IMG_2898you can shop the products here! we also accept custom orders!

it’s springtime! i’m very hopeful that this awful weather will go away and beautiful sunny and warmer days will come {even though they say we have a snow storm coming our way}.

this was a very hard winter here in denver. our first two years here were cake, we barely had any winter, january with 70 degrees days was the norm. then came 2012/2013 winter to destroy everything. i suffered. i got depressed. i crave beign out side, riding my bike, enjoying the sun. the winter is just not for me!

to celebrate, we are spending the day with the new issue of rue magazine – color edition. it’s just so beautiful and a great celebration of the new season!

welcome spring, we totally love you!

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images: rue magazine

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