we missed our flight…. entirely my fault! 😦

we will not be making it to Barcelona and are returning to Madrid for some good times with family!!!

we are heading to barcelona this evening. during this spain trip, i’d like to get to know a few different spots. our original plan was to rent a car in madrid, drive to valencia, spend a few days there, drive up the coast, stopping by the most beautiful mediterranean beaches and spend a few days in barcelona before returning to madrid.

however, our stay in paris changed everything. we will be spending a few days in barcelona and will try to return to madrid just in time so B. can catch a real madrid vs. atletico de madrid game. he is a huge futebol fan and one of his dreams is to be able to see an european soccer match while we are here. i hope it works well.

Screen shot 2013-01-25 at 4.13.00 PM{barcelona}

Sagrada Familia in Barecelona, Catalonia, Spain, by BCameronPhoto for sale here.

do you guys have any tips and secret spots you love in barcelona? i’d love to know!

it was one of the most difficult places for me to research.

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