IMG_6338I’m going to narrate a little bit of my experience at the Louvre, during our vacation in France! I absolutely love museums! It’s always part of my vacation, specially after moving to Denver! Denver is a fantastic place to live, but we don’t have access to culture here and our Denver Art Museum is a little bit of a joke! so, every time I travel, I make sure I include museums, and theater and a little bit of culture as part of my vacation, to make up for what I don’t have access at home!

and, I have to say, I’m a bit of a museum snob! after visiting the best museums in São Paulo and NYC, and around the country, it’s hard to impress me! I also covered arts and culture for Brazilian magazines and local newspapers in the East Coast, so I’ve been to a lot of museums, way too many times! that’s how to Louvre comes into play! of course visiting The Louvre was a must in my Parisian itinerary! however, due to the size of the museum, I really didn’t want to focus on the Louvre during this trip! – did you know, it would take someone nine months to visit the entire museum? the Louvre is the largest museum in the world!

I wanted to visit the Rodin Museum and the Museo D’Orsay in this trip and leave the Louvre for a time where I could come back to Paris with more time, so I could go back to The Louvre twice, at least! see it with more time and patience! however, things changed along the way! I ended up not going to the Rodin or D’Orsay, due to poor planning? I don’t know… and The Louvre was open on a Monday when everything else was closed!

I made a list of what was more important for me, with the location of each piece of art, so I wouldn’t waist my time looking for everything and prepared myself the best that I could to brave the crowds! but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw!

IMG_6340IMG_6341The Louvre is, without a doubt, impressive! the day before, when we were biking home long the Seine, we biked past the Louvre and I couldn’t believe the size of the building. it might be the longest building I’ve ever seen in my life! we biked for blocks and blocks and the building continued going! I could really not believe the size of that place! people are not kidding!

also, I follow a Brazilian blog in Paris, Conexão Paris, and they posted a secret entrance, that nobody really knows about, where you can scape the long lines and just buy your ticket and get in! I was so glad I had this tip and would love to share here with you: when you go to the Louvre, instead of following the crowds and try to enter through the main entrance, the pyramids, walk past them, continue walking a look for the entrance called Porte de Lions!

it’s a little hidden, so you need to pay attention! if you enter the entire complex through the main entrance, you are going to walk past the pyramids, continue walking, and the Porte de Lions will be on your left!

porte-lionimage from conexão paris!

so, that’s was a win! I absolutely love museums, but I hate crowds, and I can’t deal with them! I get nervous and anxious and then I need to leave before I have a panic attack. but, that did not solve all our problems! the Louvre, as was everything else in Paris, was packed! full with people and tourists everywhere!

IMG_6343 IMG_6342 IMG_6348IMG_6347it was great to know what I wanted to see and have my itinerary ready, with all the room numbers, so I would not waist time! The Louvre has 35,000 permanent pieces of art! also, the museum has 4 floors, 60,600m2 and 3 wings: Denon, Richelieu and Sully!

we saw the monalisa, of course, not impressive at all and super small! the monalisa is on Denon, room 206 (the numbers might change), on room 277 there were so many french painters, we saw a few Delacroix, oh, my heart! we saw the Venus de Milo, in the ground floor!

IMG_6349^^ the silly monalisa!

we made a quick stop to have some coffee and hot chocolate at Angelina, the famous Parisian café inside the Louvre and then continued to explore. the Louvre was built in 1190 – maybe the oldest building I’ve ever been inside! but it was only converted into a museum in 1793, after Luis XIV moved to Versailles! we passed through the pyramids, and tried for minutes to find the Napoleon Quarters! B. always talks about how impressed he was with the Napoleon quarters!

IMG_6350^^ i had some fantastic cappuccinos and lattes in france! their coffee is exquisite!

by then I’d had enough and needed o leave! there was so many people, you are always bumping into people and that drove me insane! if you do well with crowds, make sure to visit the wonderful Egyptian area!

IMG_6346^^ the arch that leads to the Jardim das Tuileries – I was dying to visit this place. somehow, we turned the other way and went home…?


…more to come!

IMG_5494last week, B. went home to NJ and he brought with him a little gift for our families. in a very cute, key-shaped, gold flash drive we saved all the pictures from our trip and from our engagement shoot and sent it to them with a cool, colorful garland, in polka dot envelopes!

i just had so much fun to put this little gift together, and I know how much our mom’s loved looking at our pictures! it was a pleasure to share with them the memories of the best days of our lives!

this is how the little package turned out:

IMG_5498 IMG_5495 IMG_5497 IMG_5496

here is another special edition of etsy finds {paris, france}:

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 8.03.52 PMdiaper bag by ikabags

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 8.14.36 PMgold twisted band by lunaticart

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 8.17.23 PM

fox print by galeria anais

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 8.20.26 PMantique french egg basket by petite details

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 8.21.58 PMfrench vintage afghan blanket by Anne-Laure Levy

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 8.23.19 PMfrench bintage bayard alarm clock by le chevalde bois

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 8.24.54 PMhandmade map envelope by petite fabric

speaking about paris…

before-midnight-photos-trailer-julie-delpy-ethan-hawke-photoshave you seen the beautifully romantic films before sunrise and before sunset? director Richard Linklater has now made a third film in the series, Before Midnight and the trailer is already available here!

when i first read about before midnight here, i couldn’t contain my excitement. both before sunrise and sunset were such important movies for me. and i just love julie delpy. her two days in paris is one of my favorite movies of all time!

the movie will be release exactly one month from today. i can’t wait to see it. it will be so nice to return home, after seeing paris for the first time and go to the movies to see before midnight…

IMG_1382this will be our home in paris. when we were planning for the trip, we ditched the idea of staying in hotels. for paris, we wanted a premium location in Le Marais, without a premium hotel price tag. so we turned to Airbnb and ended up renting this charming apartment in our selected neighborhood.

it was a great idea, we wanted a home to come back to at the end of a long, touristy day. a place where we could have breakfast together, so we could be able to experience paris a tiny bit as a local, shop the local market and bakery for delicious pastries and come back home. wake up to fresh flowers from the local market. how beautiful is that?

as soon as I come back, i’ll post the link to our apartment and B. will write a review about our experience. isn’t this an adorable place?

IMG_1379 IMG_1381

^^ what about the view from our balcony? ^^


^^ one of the extra beneffits of renting an apartment is the ability to have access to a wash machine and get our laundry done while on vacation. it makes for smaller suitcases, easier to pack, since we can get clean clothes while we are here! ^^


while i have never had the chance to experience europe until now, B. has been here 3 times before. when we were planning for the trip, he insisted i had to see paris. so, here we go: a quick escape to paris. romantic much?

i’m not a francophile and never had the urge to actually see paris. am I crazy? my obsession with europe is about spain, but i’d never say no to an opportunity like this. so, we will leave this morning to spend a few days in paris.

Screen shot 2013-01-25 at 1.36.07 PM{paris}

Rainy Night in Paris, by ParisPhotos, for sale here.

hope it’s the most romantic trip ever! – can i say that what i’m looking forward the most is to visit french pharmacies and bakeries? i want to buy an entire pharmacy and bring back home.

B. will be taking me to his favorite paris spots and i have been reading a lot about jordan‘s experience from living in paris an entire year {dream!}. i also used the design sponge paris city guide and luck magazine‘s paris guide.

do you have any suggestions for us? i’d love to hear about your experiences.

au revoir!

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