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Happy Friday, friends!

I can’t believe how quick time is passing! It’s already the middle of the year! Soon enough it will be 2014, World Cup and all! Jesus!

This weekend B. will participate on his first Denver Metric Century bike ride! I’m so proud of him, of all his training! I’ll take him to Northfield in the morning and I’ll go back to see him end the race in later on! I hope to capture a lot of images from all the fun!

IMG_6238Move 2 Denver representing!

Next week will be even crazier, it’s Etsy Craft Party,  B.’s birthday and I’ll be heading to NYC to check on a few details of our engagement party and enjoy some family time!

Have a fantastic, relaxing weekend!

since we returned from vacation, I felt the urge to change our home a little, adapt to the hotter weather and make it more a place we love to spend our time in than ever! i posted about the changes in our living room here, and gave you a sneak peak of our bedroom here! today I’m going to share with you how our bedroom looks now!

IMG_6008we worked on inserting black triangle stickers in one of the walls. i made those myself! I bought two rolls of black contact paper, downloaded a triangle shape in a size I liked, and cut all the pieces with an exacto knife! I really love the results! if you don’t feel like doing all of this by yourself, you can buy these gorgeous removable wall adhesive from walls by mur!

we chose wall adhesive stickers because we rent, instead of owning our place, so I didn’t want to commit to paint! instead, the stickers are easy to put on and take off once I’m tired of them or we are ready to move!

IMG_6014we framed our engagement announcement card and put it on our wall! it’s such a special piece for us! i just love the result!

IMG_6018 IMG_6016I got rid of our dresser, it was super ugly! instead, we are using two ikea’s shelves horizontally, and I more surface to display my jewelery! i’m trying to organize it in such a way I could see it more and be able to use it more!

IMG_6017my side table is an ikea step stool that I painted a few white stripes! the tray I brought home from Spain, from Zara home and the jewelery dish is also from there, it’s where I’m saving my engagement ring!

IMG_6012on B.’s side, I brought from paris these polka dot string lights from La Case de Cousin Paul! 

since I was these lights on jordan’s website, oh happy day, I was dying to stop by their store in paris. i got to go to two of their stores and picked the colors i wanted: white, black, two version of grey and I’m in love with the results!

I bought another light fixture at Merci, but we didn’t install that one yet!

IMG_6015IMG_6013overall I like how things look! we still have work to do, we have an old, victorian style chair we found in the garbage we need to get re-upholstered and I’m desperately looking for a full length body mirror and stairs for hanging clothes.



52-250pxIMG_5090“a portrait of B., once a week, every week, in 2013.”

This weekend we tried to enjoy the beautiful weather outside and Denver was full of events! Our first stop was the Horseshoe Flea Market! Denver lacks a lot in terms of support of the arts! To find this new flea market was a relief! It was incredibly well put together, with local vendors of some fantastic handmade goods, art, cosmetics, food!

B. was specially interested in the food trucks! we got to try food from two of them and just loved our choices! we also got goody bags full of awesome stuff from the vendors!

Thank you B. for been an amazing company!

IMG_4832IMG_5082IMG_5080 IMG_5083 IMG_5084 IMG_5081 IMG_5087 IMG_5085 IMG_5086 IMG_5089

the entire 52 project is here.

click here to check out Che & Fidel 52 project

the lovely Rebekka Seale created the “52″ button for Che & Fidel.



^^ these are our happy faces, in the plane, on our way to our dream vacation!

Happy Friday, friends!

I’ve returned home, after a 24h30min journey and I feel, for the first time ever, completely jet legged. I woke up today at 4am (12pm in Madrid), by 8:30am I was cooking lunch! 1:30pm felt like evening… I’m completely on Europe time and have not really had the energy to do much!

around here, I have plenty of new projects, I’m re-doing our bedroom and then I’m going to work on our patio, B. wants a nice space where he can work in the summer outside, enjoying the nice weather! I need to move on with engagement announcement, party planning, etc…

I have a trip planned to NYC to see my mother and friends and have a lot of news! I’ll be meeting a friends baby, celebrating two birthdays, and participating in a baby shower! It’s going to be all fun!

And there’s work. This was the first time in my working life I’ve taken a 30 days vacation – like everybody else in the world those – and getting back to work has felt very, very weird. But, at the same time, I’m super excited, relaxed, full of new ideas and energy to do new things, start new classes, learn more, give more!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

I’ll see you here next week, with a lot of new things, engagement news, a new baby column that’s in the works, fun, fun, fun!




IMG_2339B. and I have been living together for a long time now. we met in early 2009, so the engagement was not a big surprise. we know we want to be together, we are building a life together, we have a company together and we have decided to stay together forever – big surprise!

I really avoid using in my daily life all the regular labels. “we are just dating” did not describe what we had together for a very long time. when you share a home, a life, a business with someone, you are not just dating.

“we got engaged” is also i struggle with. we belong to each other. the ring on my finger does not make that any more real than washing his dirty underwear in my hands {i like to wash delicates with my hands}. you know what I mean?

maybe it’s because i’m brazilian. but the entire hullabaloo around the engagement that happens in america i really don’t get. of course, there is a ring involved in the whole thing, and that’s fun and beautiful, and sparkly. but it’s just a ring. just a thing. and things are just things. nothing is better than falling asleep on B.’s chest every night or the sweet kisses he gives me before leaving for work. even when i’m sleeping and not aware he is leaving and he is kissing me, my heart feels them. i know in my heart i’m loved and i feel peace. no ring in the world is better or more beautiful than that.

i’m a woman who values the actions of everyday instead of placing an incredible value on one single magical night with a proposal. i know he wants to be with me, because he is investing in our future and in our family everyday, not because he said so in spain.

with that said, i’m celebrating this thing with everything i’m entitled to. not a lot of great things happened in my lifetime, so i’m really taking the time to think about this, experience it, take it in, celebrate it, share out love with our families and with the world.

the world needs more love.

and i wanted to share with you something silly we did back in march 2013 to celebrate our love and to remember who we are when we were “just dating”.

we wanted something to remember how silly we were, to look back and remind us of how much fun we have together. so we did a “SINGLE PHOTO SHOOT” – everyone takes a engagement photo shoot. we took a single photo shoot.

i plan on been engaged for a very long time. so i wanted something to remember us when we were single, “just dating”.



IMG_2325i think i’ll not be using “my fiencé”, when referring to B. at least not much. 1. english is my second language and “fiancé” doesn’t mean much to me. 2. B. is too awesome to be my “fiancé”, so i’ve been calling him my BEYONCÉ. he is great, awesome, and increadible performer {ask him about the earthquake – quite the performance}, fierce, strong, the term “beyoncé” has a lot more to do with him.

IMG_2321IMG_2355 IMG_2358IMG_2381 IMG_2377IMG_2338 IMG_2331 IMG_2336 IMG_2337IMG_2354 IMG_2359IMG_2348The Hazards of Love by The Decemberists – the album we fell in love to.

B. will be returning back home today, with a quick stop in NJ before reaching denver  this evening.  i’m staying in madrid for a little while longer. my mother arrives today and we will be enjoying some family time together and taking a few quick trips around spain.

have a safe trip B. i’ll be missing you.
{ok, there is a chance i might never return home…}

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