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let’s talk about our periods? weird right? not really! i know some lucky girls that do not feel anything different when they get their period! I also know girls that feel a little discomfort and some cramps, no big deal, right? and then there is the group I’m part of: girls that suffer miserably during their period!

unfortunately I’m one of those cases!

when I get my period I get incredible cramps. it feels like there is monster crawling inside of me! I also, every single month, get mind blowing, blinding migraines! the kind of migraine that I need to lock myself in a bedroom, lay in the bed, close all the shades, be completely in the dark, not move, not open my eyes. and it still hurts and there is no position that feels good. sometimes it lasts all night, and I can’t sleep! it’s absolutely awful! and then, after I get my period, the horror show starts. that first awful day: I know I’ll vomit, sometimes I have diarrhea! my body hates me!

after the second of third day I feel better and then I’m back to normal!

when I learned about the Period Store, it was such a nice surprise! how about a treat for myself when I’m going through all of this?

IMG_6332I signed up online, gave them information about my cycle – so they can calculate when yo send you the box – and my preferences, what kind of pad I liked, etc…

IMG_6333the box showed up the morning before I got my period! I was super impressed! even I didn’t know I’d get my period that afternoon!


the box comes with your choice of pad or tampons, cramps medication (thank you!), tea bags, sweets or chocolates, intimate wipes and a piece of art – woman’s art!






IMG_6335 IMG_6336 IMG_6337I truly enjoyed it! it was a nice distraction that day! I had the tea and ate the sweets (of course!) and did not bother to go to the pharmacy this month! which is great! the art could be more interesting! I’d appreciate a piece of art more focused on the woman, I find it interesting and can be a nice gift for a fellow girlfriend! and the medication is very welcome!

I really enjoyed a treat in a day that’s usually miserable for me!

this is part of a series of subscription services reviews!

here is my review of the Nature Box.

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IMG_5957today we are going to talk about delicious, healthy snacks! who doesn’t like them?

I’m doing a series of gifts for B’s birthday, and the first one was this subscription of Nature Box! B’s training for his first metric century bike ride and he’s been focusing on eating really well! but, everyone still craves deliciousness throughout the day and wants to snack on something, right?

thinking about that, I got him a subscription of Nature Box! once a month he will receive a box with six packages full of healthy snacks. this time he got granola, trail mix with loads of nuts he loves, fig bars, pretzels, and lemon meringue waffle cookies! he was over the moon! — so was i!

what’s better than snacking on something you know it’s delicious and good for you? the food does not have high fructose syrup, artificial coloring, artificial flavors or trans fats! and it tastes amazing! i super recommend!

IMG_5958 IMG_5959 IMG_5960this post is part of s series of reviews of subscription boxes. see the review of birchbox home here!

i’ve been pinning fantastic back yard inspiration this week for move 2 denver! you can check the full board here. since it already feels like spring here in denver, i’ve been dreaming about spending time outdoors, enjoying the sun, the fresh air at night, drinking wine with B. here are a few of my favorites:


Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 10.06.10 PMScreen shot 2013-03-02 at 10.06.48 PMScreen shot 2013-03-02 at 10.07.32 PM Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 10.07.47 PM Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 10.08.13 PM Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 10.08.28 PM my perfect back yard would be not very large, fenced (so i could have a dog), with a gorgeous space for my garden {maybe a mini green house?}, a large barbecue grill, gorgeous patio furniture and loads of outdoors heaters so i can enjoy my space most of the year! french doors leading to the back year and a gigantic pool would not be a bad idea.

images {pinterest}

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 5.50.38 PMi could not let this pass, i needed to comment about here, this prabal garung collection for target is just a dream or what? if you’re looking for a few pieces to spruce up your late winter/spring wardrobe, look no further than Prabal Gurung‘s upcoming line for Target. color, color, color everywhere a a little of the black and white promised for the new season. tomorrow the entire collection will be on sale at Target stores for less than $50! If you love florals, you’ll see plenty of them. Prabal has also come up with a few new print and color combinations, such as Dresden Blue and Calypso Coral.

here are my favorite pieces. i’ll absolutely be there tomorrow morning to pick up this gorgeous blue and coral dress, it has everything to do with the mood i’m in.

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 5.51.36 PM Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 5.51.26 PM Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 5.51.15 PMScreen shot 2013-01-20 at 5.52.59 PM Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 5.52.42 PM Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 5.52.32 PMthe shoes are so good too!

images {target}

didn't I say I'm obsessed with polka dots? this is how I went out to a business meeting this afternoon. B. said I looked like a mental case. what he doesn't know is that the stripes were made to be worn with polka dots. they are the perfect fit for each other, like perfect lovers! photo(13)   photo(14)   photo(12)this last photo was just so ridiculous I had to post it here. it made me smile :) striped umbrela and tee {h&m}, polka dot pants {F21}, boots {target}

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