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It’s Friday!

What a crazy week, hun? I was sure it was Wednesday when I woke up this morning! B. is back home and all is well! I missed him so much! The best thing about when one of us is traveling is that when we are finally reunited, it’s all beautiful and romantic and we spend a lot of time dating each other! 🙂

The very good news this week {besides a lot of progress with our engagement planning} was that I finally was able to get into a very productive routine! Last year, before I went to Brazil, I had this fantastic routine, it was working really well. I divided my days between all I have to accomplish: work around the house, gym, time for myself, work and time for us as a couple. Then I went to Brazil, spent too much time there and came back with it all screwed up!

It took me almost a year to perfect my routine again. And, for people who work from home, like me, this is key to have discipline and get everything done. Otherwise, it’s 10am and you found a cool movie on HBO and you are lying around watching it and twitting about how much you love vince vaungh.  {this, by the way, can totally happen, it just needs to be in the block of time called “me time”}

So, that makes me happy! Order and progress makes me happy! I’m a freak!

For this weekend, I’m going to be working on our bedroom, trying to finalize all the changes we made to it!

IMG_5409^^this is our new feature wall in the bedroom!


I gotta say, out home feels so good this summer, open, bright, with a lot of plants and de-cluttered! I think I accomplished something here!

I have a list of things to do:

1. photograph all the new pieces for the etsy store;

2. finish organizing the bedroom;

3. mail all the engagement announcements {finally, they arrive tomorrow};

4. blog;

5. finalize the wedding website;

6. start preparing and packing for my NYC trip {more on that later};

Have you seen our blog/wedding website yet? I gotta say, I’m kind of in love with it. Not that’s perfect, but it’s us and that’s so good! Plus, I can go crazy with all the posts I want to write over there, and leave this space here feeling normal! 🙂


Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the beautiful weather!







IMG_5494last week, B. went home to NJ and he brought with him a little gift for our families. in a very cute, key-shaped, gold flash drive we saved all the pictures from our trip and from our engagement shoot and sent it to them with a cool, colorful garland, in polka dot envelopes!

i just had so much fun to put this little gift together, and I know how much our mom’s loved looking at our pictures! it was a pleasure to share with them the memories of the best days of our lives!

this is how the little package turned out:

IMG_5498 IMG_5495 IMG_5497 IMG_5496

IMG_5377this was one of the most impressive things we visited in europe! it deserves its own post!

the Palacio Real {royal palace} does not house the spanish monarchs. instead, it’s a museum, open to the public and only holds special events with world leaders! and it’s amazing! it’s not mentioned in the Madrid museums route, which is a total mistake! this place deserves your time!

inside you can see the palace as it was during all the Carlos’ reign. there is so much history, the paintings are incredible, the royal dinning room: extremely impressive! and imagine this: the majority of the gold, jewels, and antiques were stolen when Napoleon ransacked the place!

the place s beautiful inside and outside. across the street is the gorgeous cathedral and in the back, an amazing garden! it was a fantastic trip! it’s a shame we don’t have any pictures from the museum part, since they would not allow!

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 7.43.41 PMIMG_4867 ^^it was such a beautiful, warm day, and we were so happy, we held an impromptu dance party!

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 7.43.58 PMDSC06548^^ how amazing is the cathedral across the street?

DSC06542Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 7.44.11 PM Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 7.44.26 PM Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 7.44.45 PM Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 7.46.23 PM

DSC06532 DSC06533 DSC06534 DSC06535 DSC06540 DSC06571 DSC06573

the first part of our trip to Madrid, Spain is here!

our trip to Toledo is here!

my favorite interior designer, Emily Henderson, was recently featured on the LATimes! I just love this piece, it’s so inspiring! Emily worked on graphic designer Bri Emery’s living room and dining room and the place looks ready for summer! there is color, greens, light, it’s just gorgeous!

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 1.02.06 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 1.07.19 PMScreen Shot 2013-05-26 at 1.06.24 PM

i love how she brings the outdoors indoors, that area with all the plants together by the window is drf. my favorite!

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 1.09.23 PM Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 1.09.40 PMthis amazing beach print in the dining room is just incredible. it really feels like summer in this space!

images: LA TIMES

B. was kind enough to write his vision of our engagement! it was so funny reading it, I’m going to share it here with you! but, bear in mind, this is his side of the story and I see things very differently! 🙂



0379_vanessa-bret_130429 0384_vanessa-bret_130429

“It’s hard to surprise someone when they’ve been walking around the house wearing their engagement ring before you even leave for Spain, tell you the date it should happen which was our 4 year anniversary and asked for it to be early so she doesn’t  have to stress out about getting engaged all day. When I thought about this a few weeks before our engagement it seemed insane, because it was. So I decided to just roll with it and propose in a place I deemed worthy no matter the time of day, all I knew was that if I thought I found the spot I couldn’t allow myself to argue my way into finding a better spot. As we walked to the prettiest part of Retiro Park in Spain I decided this was the spot, with one look at the photos later how was I going to find a better setting? I reached into my bag while Vanessa was speaking with her cousin and quietly untied the ribbon on the box and reached in without looking and the ring wasn’t there. I panicked, though quietly, Vanessa told me not to be so crazy a few days before we left and untie the nice ribbon she made, she told me not to be paranoid. Well in those few seconds I wanted to kill her for not letting me check something so simple, but alas after 20 more seconds of feverishly searching the front of my bag very, very subtly so she wouldn’t notice I found it. Whew
Next I needed an opportunity that felt alone despite this being in public, we did have her cousin Fabio with us which was great since I knew we’d have photos but I needed to ditch him for a few seconds so it could just be us, Vanessa chose to take a photo fairly far away with me, below a higher part of the park. It was my chance, I fiddled with my left pocket one last time ( i always put important things in my left pocket) to make sure the ring I slipped into there was in fact still there and it was, the 10 minutes it was in my pocket I checked it so much people must have thought I was an exhibitionist creep. After a few photos when Vanessa turned away to look at some other piece of beauty in the park I dropped to my knee and grabbed her hand. After saying something about our life and how much we’ve done together (moved to Denver, started a business, grew it into a successful business that is growing rapidly, became healthier people, became better people, etc)  I said, “Quer casar comigo?” which is will you marry me in Portuguese. She cried what appeared to be moisturizer, I’ve never seen cream stream out of someone’s eyes before (without it being rated for adults),  she forgot to answer for a bit, said yes and then to my surprise two random women in Madrid started applauding and were taking photos the entire time.
We walked thorough the park after that, had a celebratory beer, rented some bikes and rode them around the park for the next hour happily engaged.”
the pictures of my beautiful ring were taken during our engagement shoot, by spanish photographer, jesus caballero, from white dress photo!

0401_vanessa-bret_130429this blue tile that shows is in the pictures is a little porcelain box I purchased in Escorial especially to hold my ring, when I’m not using it, at home! Escorial was one of B.’s favorite things we did in Europe, so it feels so special to have something from that beautiful country town holding my ring!

IMG_5594 IMG_5595when we arrived home from vacation there was a lot of fantastic mail waiting for us! one of the best things I found was my BirchBox Home Spring edition! it was so fantastic! It seams that BirchBox is testing this product and I love it so much!

inside, there was a cute shopping list note pad, two little glasses of jam, seeds so you can start a herbs garden, a baggu bag, a l’occitane perfume, and a tocca hand cream!

i was really impressed with the content of the box and so, so happy! i’ve been eying the baggu bags for a while now, and when we were in madrid i tried the l’occitane perfume and fell in love with it! what about that orange/cilantro candle? i’m obsessed! it’s funny how everything felt so perfect and catered specially to me: a lot of the products had citrus scents: my favorite! even the tocca hand cream is italian blood orange!

and the knife with flowery print? it’s making my kitchen happy!

DSC07928DSC07931DSC07935 DSC07930 DSC07929 DSC07932

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