this is the last installment from our engagement photo shoot series! we had so much fun together on this day! i’m so glad we did this and i’m so glad we met jesus and got to work with him!

0338_vanessa-bret_130429as you can see, we ended up going to all B.’s favorite spots in town: the retiro park {where we got engaged}, the plaza mayor and the mercado san miguel!

this is a gorgeous hip market, that has wonderful vendors selling incredible food and drinks!

0401_vanessa-bret_130429 0462_vanessa-bret_130429 0464_vanessa-bret_130429 0465_vanessa-bret_130429 0466_vanessa-bret_130429 0467_vanessa-bret_1304290452_vanessa-bret_130429 0318_vanessa-bret_130429 0322_vanessa-bret_130429 0323_vanessa-bret_130429 0333_vanessa-bret_130429 0334_vanessa-bret_130429 0342_vanessa-bret_130429 0345_vanessa-bret_130429 0350_vanessa-bret_130429 0358_vanessa-bret_130429 0361_vanessa-bret_130429 0370_vanessa-bret_130429and that’s a wrap! i hope you guys enjoyed the series, thank you for letting me share it with you!

0202_vanessa-bret_130429a little more from our engagement photo shoot. our photographer didn’t know the meaning Plaza Mayor has for us. stopping here was natural, organic. but, before our trip, B. would tell me all these stories of him hanging out at Plaza Mayor! it was one of his favorite spots in Madrid and he spent a lot of time there and he thought of it as a special place!

0211_vanessa-bret_1304290214_vanessa-bret_130429 0218_vanessa-bret_130429 0223_vanessa-bret_130429 0229_vanessa-bret_130429 0232_vanessa-bret_130429 0239_vanessa-bret_130429 0248_vanessa-bret_130429 0252_vanessa-bret_130429 0263_vanessa-bret_130429 0271_vanessa-bret_130429 0297_vanessa-bret_130429 0296_vanessa-bret_130429

IMG_5494last week, B. went home to NJ and he brought with him a little gift for our families. in a very cute, key-shaped, gold flash drive we saved all the pictures from our trip and from our engagement shoot and sent it to them with a cool, colorful garland, in polka dot envelopes!

i just had so much fun to put this little gift together, and I know how much our mom’s loved looking at our pictures! it was a pleasure to share with them the memories of the best days of our lives!

this is how the little package turned out:

IMG_5498 IMG_5495 IMG_5497 IMG_5496


Madrid was were we spent most of our time in Europe and I gotta say: it reminded me so much of Brazil! I guees it’s an easy place to adapt if you are a brazilian living in europe! The weather was great, the people are happy, the place shows a lot of signs of the economic crisis but it’s still beautiful and amazing!

Spending time with my family was just incredible! I got to go to a lot of places with my cousin, he gave us a fantastic city tour! We had so much fun! There was a lot of walking. Some days, when I’d wake up in the morning, I could not stand my feet, I did not have the strength to hold myself up! But, it was a lot of fun!

I’ll share a few pictures here with you:


^^ B. found the public phone he used to call his mom 11 years ago! How amazing is that?!





^^100 montaditos was def. one of B.’s favorite places! wonderful spanish sandwiches for 1 euro + beer for 1 euro!

20130519-143333.jpg20130519-143348.jpg20130519-143417.jpg20130519-143514.jpgDSC06469DSC06472 DSC06548 DSC06555 DSC06557 DSC06566 DSC06583 IMG_3506IMG_5333 IMG_5368 IMG_5365 IMG_5366 IMG_5367^^ I could live in an apartment in that middle building, over there, in the floor with all the beautiful flowers in the balcony! Yes, I could!

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