hello friends!
if you have an online shop, blog, or website, Casa dos Mael blog has an ad space for you! i love working with handmade shops, bloggers, etsy and kids websites! are you super colorful and want to show? this is the place for you: click on whichever space you’d like and purchase.

here are the details:

– ad space runs for 30 days.

– my highest day of visitors was 18,000.

– you can also find me here: Pinterest, InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

– If you have any questions, feel free to email me. casadosmael@gmail.com.

sponsor my post:

sponsoring 10 days of blog posts and pages will feature a 640px wide by 60px height ad at the bottom of all posts and all pages of my blog with a special “sweet sponsor” caption. this is the highest traffic area on my blog. there will only be one sponsor ad shown in this spot for a given 10 days so make sure to reserve your spot!

*all content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting this blog that allows me to create new and special content for Casa dos Mael everyday.

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