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IMG_2499are you ready to make some cool looking bamboo spoons? i’ve been noticing all sorts of cool wooden spoons for sale lately. {i really like this set from wind and willow home}

my favorite are the bamboo spoons with the handles painted white. so, i decided to make my own last week.




1. i used all the wooden utensils i have, some i brought from brazil and others i got at amazon. i love bamboo spoons for cooking.


2. tape the handles in different heights. some had only a tip left to be painted, others had the entire handle to be painted. but, if you prefer you can tape all of them at the same mark. i used painter’s tape.

3. paint with white paint. you can make them neon pink, too. it looks great!

4. leave them out to dry for about 2 days, 48 hours.

IMG_2457 IMG_2458

5. take the painter’s tape off and voilá, it’s ready!

IMG_2499 IMG_2497 IMG_2496 IMG_2485 IMG_2500IMG_2623 IMG_2621you can play with them too!

52-250pxphoto(53)“a portrait of B., once a week, every week, in 2013.”

i took this picture of B. last week, we were celebrating a few of move 2 denver‘s sucesses and decided to grab some very health lunch at modmarket.

i’m in love with this picture. his eyes feel like they hipnotize me. i can truly get lost in them. throughout the weekend, i caught myself stopping everything i was doing to come look at this picture. is this love?


i love how modmarket shows the calories and other nutritional information of what you are buying in the back of their receipt.


this was my choice: 1/2 prosciutto pizza + 1/2 a salad. they are too big and too delicious! i’m thankful i’m going back to my nutritionist this week, because i’ve been eating like a man lately and i need to stop!


B. ordered the reuben. yum.

photo(57)this are the details of my superfoods salad: kale, spinach, carrots, almonds, grapes, cheese, quinoa…

that’s the only place where you can get a salad and the entire time you go: “yummm”. it’s ridiculously good!

B.’s jacket is from F21.

click here to check out Che & Fidel 52 project

the lovely Rebekka Seale created the “52″ button for Che & Fidel.


IMG_1310B. and I threw an oscars’ party. by party we mean the two of us attended. we don’t know anybody in denver and usually our parties at home are just for the two of us. and they are loads of fun!

we developed a menu that included a lot of french pastries, spanish cheeses, italian crackers and salami, tiramisu and mimosas. just fantastic food starting early in the morning.

IMG_1324IMG_1313 IMG_1312 IMG_1308IMG_1316we finished the night with lattes and tiramisu .

about the oscars:

Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 11.26.22 PMwhat a night, right? loved seth macfarlane. it was fantastic seeing christoph waltz and quentin tarantino win for Django, one of the best movies i’ve seen in 2012.

and, the cherry on the top of the cake jennifer lawrence?! i’m so happy jennifer lawrence won! Silver Linings Playbook was the BEST movie I’ve seen in 2012! It was so refreshing to see a movie about people that are sick, struggling to get through life and still manage to make it fun and beautiful!

and argo?

i truly, truly love ben afflec. i love all of his movies. but argo. i really did not like argo at all. and, while i think he super deserves the award for best director due to his previous successes, argo did not deserve the best movie. no, no, no, no. that was shocking.

it was a great party. a great day all around!


in celebration (and really, in preparation) of Restaurant Week , which will start in Denver on Feb 23rd, I have finally created the strangest 2012 retrospective: remembering the good food – and drinks of the year!

I’ll be excluding here anything consumed in another state/country and will focus only on the deliciousness we were able to find here in Colorado. the selection includes restaurants, farmer’s markets, food trucks and even meals we had at home. this past year, we were in the spirit of exploring Colorado, learning everything tasty that this state has to offer. hope you enjoy it!



Fax Fish House

both places in Boulder and in Denver are fantastic. great atmosphere to enjoy oysters and fish sandwiches.


Lowry Beer Garden

I could never explain how excited we were for the Beer Garden big opening back in May 2012. it’s two blocks from home, across the street from the gym (great!) and the food is fantastic, like this texas burguer, with eggs and green chilli.



Charles’s Court at the Broadmoor

the best tasting food I probably ever had in my life was at this restaurant, one of 18 wonders inside the Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs. this is no ordinary artichoke and spinach dip, it had so much delicious melted cheese you could die. orgasmic.



café | bar

in Washington Park, this is what I call a hipster restaurant. you know, the kind that’s trying to be too cool? they have boards in the wall listing where each of the ingredients’ origin, everything is organic and locally grown, the bar is always full and the decor is the best possible,  the old stable/barn vintage chic type. love it! i barely remember the food. I remember the experience.



Route 40 – Argentinean Grille Food Truck

one of our favorites food trucks in town, no doubt. living in a place like Denver, that seriously lack on international food (the focus here is American cuisine), discovering this truck was pure deliciousness. not only they have fantastic chimmichurri fries, but the best Argentinean steak sandwiches and alfajors.



Casa dos Mael

we tried to keep healthy at home, saving the calories for when we went out to eat. this is one of our staples: olives, cherry tomatoes, carrots and broccoli with hummus and watermelon juice.



JH Chen Asian Bistro

we spent my birthday in Glenwood Springs and I really wanted to have sushi for dinner. this was one of the only spots in town we could find and what an interesting surprise. B. says it looks like Asian restaurants in the 80’s and the food was delicious!



Ondos Spanish Tapas Bar

top 1, top, top, my favorite in Denver. you can say it’s my Spanish side, I don’t care. I love this tiny spot in Cherry Creek. their tapas are fantastic, the croquetas: the best ever. chose the spinach and pine nuts croquetas or the ham and cheese, both are making my mouth water just thinking about them right now! yummm.



Shin Sa Dong Korean Barbecue

this is the largest Korean Barbecue restaurant in Denver (or so they claim!) and I just love it. go prepared to have a banquet! they serve so much delicious food, we love bringing visitor’s from out of town there!

{part II coming soon}


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