since we returned from vacation, I felt the urge to change our home a little, adapt to the hotter weather and make it more a place we love to spend our time in than ever! i posted about the changes in our living room here, and gave you a sneak peak of our bedroom here! today I’m going to share with you how our bedroom looks now!

IMG_6008we worked on inserting black triangle stickers in one of the walls. i made those myself! I bought two rolls of black contact paper, downloaded a triangle shape in a size I liked, and cut all the pieces with an exacto knife! I really love the results! if you don’t feel like doing all of this by yourself, you can buy these gorgeous removable wall adhesive from walls by mur!

we chose wall adhesive stickers because we rent, instead of owning our place, so I didn’t want to commit to paint! instead, the stickers are easy to put on and take off once I’m tired of them or we are ready to move!

IMG_6014we framed our engagement announcement card and put it on our wall! it’s such a special piece for us! i just love the result!

IMG_6018 IMG_6016I got rid of our dresser, it was super ugly! instead, we are using two ikea’s shelves horizontally, and I more surface to display my jewelery! i’m trying to organize it in such a way I could see it more and be able to use it more!

IMG_6017my side table is an ikea step stool that I painted a few white stripes! the tray I brought home from Spain, from Zara home and the jewelery dish is also from there, it’s where I’m saving my engagement ring!

IMG_6012on B.’s side, I brought from paris these polka dot string lights from La Case de Cousin Paul! 

since I was these lights on jordan’s website, oh happy day, I was dying to stop by their store in paris. i got to go to two of their stores and picked the colors i wanted: white, black, two version of grey and I’m in love with the results!

I bought another light fixture at Merci, but we didn’t install that one yet!

IMG_6015IMG_6013overall I like how things look! we still have work to do, we have an old, victorian style chair we found in the garbage we need to get re-upholstered and I’m desperately looking for a full length body mirror and stairs for hanging clothes.



I’ve spent hours this week working on our Engagement Announcement Suite and all the social media and online Engagement Announcement tools we will be using to officially spread the news about our engagement to family and friends. Since I don’t plan on getting married any time soon, I want to enjoy this moment to the fullest.

Now it’s the time for decisions, decisions, research and more decisions. I’m going to share here all the Etsy vendors that have inspired me to create our announcements and all the stationary. This is a special edition of Etsy Finds!




Wedding invitation suites – Hudson design

This wedding invitation suite by Sepia Smiles was an inspiration and the starting point for my planning. I wanted to find a creative way to announce our engagement through a cute package and include a cross media factor in it: there will be a hashtag and instruction for those who are far to be able to celebrate with us and post the pictures online! –> more on that idea later!

From here, I created my initial list of materials and stationary I needed:

  • Envelopes {a selection of paper bags will serve as envelopes}
  • Stamps {from Spain, US, vintage, flowery, all kinds}
  • Confetti and sequins: for the tiny confetti bags.
  • Baker’s twine
  • Postcards from Spain, where we got engaged – for personalized messages
  • Address Return Stamp
  • Stickers
  • Professional Photos
  • Information Card with instructions on how to post the pictures with the hashtag TBD
  • Announcement Card


Merci Beaucoup, Thank You Rubber Stamp in French, Original Typographic Design (Wood Mounted)

This was a great opportunity for me to get a few things out of the way: we truly needed a return address label or stamp, and this gives me the opportunity to take care of this. I’ll also be using other customized stamps and various colors of ink!

Hunter’s Hideway have the cutest stamps, this Thank You stamp is super useful during all wedding planning season!


100 5×7 inch Teal Paper Bags, Cute Colored Paper Party Bags, Paper Merchandise Bags, Gift Bags, Wedding Bags, Bridal Bags, Craft Bags

I’ll be using cute paper bags, in various designs and patterns instead of envelopes! I think it’s really more in line with our personality to make substitutions and look for alternatives {specially the ones that save you money!} than to do everything like everybody else! Differentiate yourself!


10 Neon Pink Parcel Gift Tags


36 Neon Pink Heart Stickers

Knot and Bow is the one vendor that has been with us since forever! I love their stickers and they also come in the cutest packaging! We will be using most of their products: confetti, heart stickers, baker’s twine! I love the colors they use!



7″x5″ Printable Travel postcards of Venice, Paris, Madrid, Athens

We were just in Madrid so we got our postcards there, both vintage from flea markets and new! We will be using them for personalized messages! But, if you need new or old postcards from all over the world, you can check out Especia.



Lot of Mixed Worldwide Butterfly Postage Stamps for Altered Arts Collage Destash

A great way to make your envelope look super pretty! I use vintage stamps in about all mail I send! There are various vendors that offer stamps from specific parts of the world! Since we were we Spain, I got a bunch of Spanish stamps there, US stamps {remember the heart stamp?} and vintage stamp! Oh, we went to the largest flea market in Europe: El Rastro and bought a bunch of vintage stamps there too! This lot of vintage stamps from all over the world is from Paper Aeroplanes.


Gold Glitter and Sparkle Heart, Modern Digital DIY Printable Invitation Save the date, Wedding announcement, engagement

And, finally, the most important piece: the engagement announcement card! I have not made a decision yet! But, this one, from Penny Lane Studios is one of my favorites so far!


Cruz Save the Date


I keep debating if I should use images from our engagement shoot in the card… This is a great example of a happy photo card!

IMG_2499are you ready to make some cool looking bamboo spoons? i’ve been noticing all sorts of cool wooden spoons for sale lately. {i really like this set from wind and willow home}

my favorite are the bamboo spoons with the handles painted white. so, i decided to make my own last week.




1. i used all the wooden utensils i have, some i brought from brazil and others i got at amazon. i love bamboo spoons for cooking.


2. tape the handles in different heights. some had only a tip left to be painted, others had the entire handle to be painted. but, if you prefer you can tape all of them at the same mark. i used painter’s tape.

3. paint with white paint. you can make them neon pink, too. it looks great!

4. leave them out to dry for about 2 days, 48 hours.

IMG_2457 IMG_2458

5. take the painter’s tape off and voilá, it’s ready!

IMG_2499 IMG_2497 IMG_2496 IMG_2485 IMG_2500IMG_2623 IMG_2621you can play with them too!

IMG_0676B. and I had a cool project for valentine’s day this year. We decided to paint two blankets so we could have an excuse to go on many picnics this spring/summer. unfortunately, the weather did not help us at all, and only now we were able to finish our project and go on a nice mexican picnic at cranmer park, here in denver.

IMG_1101IMG_1103 IMG_1102

we chose a fantastic park close to our home. cranmer is located in hilltop and you can see the mountains from it. it’s just gorgeous!

IMG_1104IMG_1107 IMG_1106

i was craving mexican food, so we went with qdoba and amazing steak and queso burritos. delish!

IMG_1105 IMG_1109 IMG_1110 IMG_1125

B. was wearing São Paulo jersey, my soccer team in Brasil! I love it when he wears that!

IMG_1111 IMG_1112 IMG_1113

look at that view!!!IMG_1127 IMG_1126IMG_1132 IMG_1129the blanket was a diy project inspired by the best blogger of all times, bri from designlovefest. you can see her blanket here.

here is a step by step on how we created the ombré bkanket:


i used only two colors of paint: black and white and mixed them to paint the two different shades of grey!

p.s. i have finally purchased the domain

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