Happy Friday, friends!

I can’t believe how quick time is passing! It’s already the middle of the year! Soon enough it will be 2014, World Cup and all! Jesus!

This weekend B. will participate on his first Denver Metric Century bike ride! I’m so proud of him, of all his training! I’ll take him to Northfield in the morning and I’ll go back to see him end the race in later on! I hope to capture a lot of images from all the fun!

IMG_6238Move 2 Denver representing!

Next week will be even crazier, it’s Etsy Craft Party,  B.’s birthday and I’ll be heading to NYC to check on a few details of our engagement party and enjoy some family time!

Have a fantastic, relaxing weekend!

It’s Friday!

What a crazy week, hun? I was sure it was Wednesday when I woke up this morning! B. is back home and all is well! I missed him so much! The best thing about when one of us is traveling is that when we are finally reunited, it’s all beautiful and romantic and we spend a lot of time dating each other! 🙂

The very good news this week {besides a lot of progress with our engagement planning} was that I finally was able to get into a very productive routine! Last year, before I went to Brazil, I had this fantastic routine, it was working really well. I divided my days between all I have to accomplish: work around the house, gym, time for myself, work and time for us as a couple. Then I went to Brazil, spent too much time there and came back with it all screwed up!

It took me almost a year to perfect my routine again. And, for people who work from home, like me, this is key to have discipline and get everything done. Otherwise, it’s 10am and you found a cool movie on HBO and you are lying around watching it and twitting about how much you love vince vaungh.  {this, by the way, can totally happen, it just needs to be in the block of time called “me time”}

So, that makes me happy! Order and progress makes me happy! I’m a freak!

For this weekend, I’m going to be working on our bedroom, trying to finalize all the changes we made to it!

IMG_5409^^this is our new feature wall in the bedroom!


I gotta say, out home feels so good this summer, open, bright, with a lot of plants and de-cluttered! I think I accomplished something here!

I have a list of things to do:

1. photograph all the new pieces for the etsy store;

2. finish organizing the bedroom;

3. mail all the engagement announcements {finally, they arrive tomorrow};

4. blog;

5. finalize the wedding website;

6. start preparing and packing for my NYC trip {more on that later};

Have you seen our blog/wedding website yet? I gotta say, I’m kind of in love with it. Not that’s perfect, but it’s us and that’s so good! Plus, I can go crazy with all the posts I want to write over there, and leave this space here feeling normal! 🙂


Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the beautiful weather!









IMG_5439Happy Friday, peeps!


B. is away in NYC, celebrating his mom’s graduation and his father’s birthday while I’m home, holding the fort {ha! i’m totally partying alone here!} and i miss him! I always do! even do it’s nice to take a vacation from him, I miss him!

this week I worked a lot on our engagement announcements and he have a little progress! by the time this things is ready, I’ll have to send the invitations for the party out! but, I’ve made a lot of decisions and progress and I can’t wait to share with you!

for now, I’d like to show you a new product we have now at Baby Sunny’s Leggings: confetti! we totally love confetti and love celebrating with them! my home constantly look like a mess, there is always confetti everywhere!

now, to celebrate the launch of our confetti in our little etsy store, we will be sending a little bag of confetti to all our family and friends, soon, with our engagement announcement so they can celebrate with us – even though there is this distance thing, you know…

and how cute are these dotted tissue paper? so colorful, so happy! we are loving it!

IMG_5441 IMG_5440 IMG_5439 IMG_5438IMG_5415

IMG_5254^^some photo booth fun!

happy friday, friends!

over here, I spent most of the week in bed, with a horrible cold! every single time I travel I get sick! It’s really impressive! I’m taking everything I can to feel better and keep some resemblance of my routine, but it’s been tough.

everything I was planning is delayed, including the posts about our trip!

but, I found this picture at home, of our trip to the Horsehoes Flea Market last weekend and did we have fun in that photo booth! B. had a Lionel Richie album in his hands and I wore a very curly blonde wig! it was a happy day!

have a super fun weekend!

here is to hoping things will get better!




^^ these are our happy faces, in the plane, on our way to our dream vacation!

Happy Friday, friends!

I’ve returned home, after a 24h30min journey and I feel, for the first time ever, completely jet legged. I woke up today at 4am (12pm in Madrid), by 8:30am I was cooking lunch! 1:30pm felt like evening… I’m completely on Europe time and have not really had the energy to do much!

around here, I have plenty of new projects, I’m re-doing our bedroom and then I’m going to work on our patio, B. wants a nice space where he can work in the summer outside, enjoying the nice weather! I need to move on with engagement announcement, party planning, etc…

I have a trip planned to NYC to see my mother and friends and have a lot of news! I’ll be meeting a friends baby, celebrating two birthdays, and participating in a baby shower! It’s going to be all fun!

And there’s work. This was the first time in my working life I’ve taken a 30 days vacation – like everybody else in the world those – and getting back to work has felt very, very weird. But, at the same time, I’m super excited, relaxed, full of new ideas and energy to do new things, start new classes, learn more, give more!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

I’ll see you here next week, with a lot of new things, engagement news, a new baby column that’s in the works, fun, fun, fun!




Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 10.01.07 PMon monday, B. and I had the chance to spend a wonderful afternoon with Jesus and his friend Carlos. they are two amazing Spanish photographers and we had the best of times! we felt completely comfortable, we got to do all our crazy wish list pictures, they were super fun and the results are just amazing!

i’d like to share with you a sneak peak on our engagement shoot! in the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing more, including all the pictures we took in different locations throughout madrid! enjoy!

Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 9.52.08 PM Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 9.52.19 PM Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 9.52.29 PM Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 9.52.41 PM

what i love most is that he really captured who we are, you can really see how much fun we have together, our dances, laughter, love, it’s just amazing! i’m in love with these images!!!

you can see all the images here!

all images by Jesus Cabellero from White Dress Photo

happy friday, friends!

P1000481{the last vacation we took together alone was in july 2011, two years ago, we went to seattle and vancouver ans we loved it so much! — granville island public market, my favorite place from this vacation}

we are officially off on vacation starting today! {ok, vacation starts on monday, we have a full weekend, but — whose idea was that, vacation on monday? vacations start on fridays!}
– i digress…

i can’t even explain how amazing that sounds. the promise that @move2denver belongs to me and is all mine for two entire weeks? movies? romantic moments? dinners? bike rides? oh, B. i so love you!

vacation sounds like a dream!

IMG_1499{gorgeous peonies from the pike’s peak market in seattle.}

we have been preparing hardcore for this vacation.

how we prepare for vacation around here:

1. I spent days unsubscribing from every single stupid email i receive. I don’t want to see anything on my inbox, and when i return to work, i don’t want a sea of spam and Ann Taylor Loft emails i will need to delete. So, this has become a tradition already, before leaving for vacation I unsubscribe from everything, even things I enjoy. If I actually like my Birchbox emails, I’m sure I’m miss them and subscribe to them again…

2. I select all the magazines, books and movies I’ve been craving and have not had time to read/watch and put them all together in a pile. I update my kindle, download the latest issues of everything possible… It’s just a group of amazing media I want to absorb and have not had any time to do so… I just love it!

3. clean the DVR. I make sure I cancel the recording of trivial, daily shows. I don’t need to return home to 30 episodes of enews or conan. Also, whatever I have left in the DVR before I leave, I make sure I delete those as well. I need to make space for Game of Thrones and all the amazing things I’ll miss while on vacation!

4. get our workout in. we are trying hard to squeeze every single workout we can in before we go on vacation. who wants to be on vacation and deal with the misery that’s working out? i don’t! so, i’ve been hitting the gym hard and going on plenty of bike rides to make up for all the amazing food i’ll stuff my face with.

5. drinking cold terminator. every time i go on vacation i get sick. one year i got pneumonia, another a stomach virus that sent me to the hospital… this is how i roll. to prevent any disgrace this time, we are on a diet full of vitamins, loads of fruit and greens and my favorite juice ever: cold terminator. it’s a delicious, tasty juice made with beats, carrots, oranges, lime, mint, ginger, orange juice and coconut water. we are also taking 1000mg of vitamin C and echinacea.

P1000497what are your plans for the weekend?

i’m going to hit the gym, watch a bunch of movies, go on bike dates, enjoy the sunshine and eat some delicious food at mod market. that’s a plan!

have a great weekend!

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