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inspired by my upcoming trip to NYC – this is the first time I’m going home in over ONE YEAR! – this is a special edition of etsy finds/ NYC:


New York City SKYLINE OUTLINE Necklace – Yellow Brass NYC Unisex Design


New York print


Brooklyn New York Baby Bodysuit


New York City Cookies, New York Cookies, – 1 Dozen


New York City Pillow Bundle – 2 Pillow Set – Gifts for Men – Man cave – Decorative Pillow


AHeirloom’s Brooklyn Cutting Board


Taxi Cab Custom LEGO Kit

happy friday, friends!

Screen shot 2012-09-24 at 1.47.27 PM

what are your plans for the weekend?

around here, we will be working non-stop on our open house and preparing for vacation!

1. after moving to denver i have become so disconnected from new york, it’s scary. i’ve turned to the west, feel in love with the west lifestyle, and tried hard to forget how awful was life in new york. now, i feel better about everything and am ready to reconnect with the place that brought me all the way from brazil to the us.

10 New York Blogs and Bloggers That You Should Be Following…

2. i’m obsessed with this girl and her blog: dallas shaw. her pinterest page is pretty fantastic too.

3. high tech weight loss tools – i welcome anything that will help me shed the extra weight i currently have on due to quit smoking and attacking sweets. via real simple

4. how fantastic is joanna goddard from a cup of jo? i feel like she is a friend. she writes beautifully and really connects with her audience. that’s an art! i could only aspire to be like her one day! i’m so grateful for her honesty and the material she shares online.

5. i’ve been reading a lot about creativity, business and working with your partner. i love this etsy piece: creative couples, making it work in business and love.

6. this blog has become an obsession. the cutest baby things in the world and great design! i can’t wait to have my own chunky baby!

7. have you ever heard about the period store? i just found out about this and found it incredible! i didn’t know this type of service ever existed! you sign up for a membership, and receive in your home, before your period starts, a box every month, filled with pads, chocolate, magazines, a period gift! i just love the idea! you can customize everything! it’s just genius and great for people like me, who have a really hard time during their period {i’m one of those people that have horrible cramps, i faint, vomit, have migraines, everything thing bad happens…}

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