photo(3)“a portrait of B., once a week, every week, in 2013.”

this weekend B. participated in the Denver Century Ride – it was his first metric century! that’s 100km people! It’s impressive!

he has been training for about a year! at first I really wanted to do it with him! but, then I went to Brazil  and did not train for months, and then there was winter and vacation, which means, I could never accompany him this time! maybe, next time?

it was a very emotional day, to say the least! we could not sleep the night before! him: anxiety, me: he was tossing and turning in bed! by 3:30am we were already having breakfast and an hour later we had left the house!

photo(4)photo(5)he left from The Shops at Northfield around 6am and I kissed him good luck and headed back home, to take a nice nap!

DSC07999 DSC08001 DSC08002 DSC08004B. started getting ready for the ride! the atmosphere was great, the weather was perfect!

DSC08020 DSC08017 DSC08014 DSC08013and there he went!

I followed his ride through twits, an awesome app, and when we was 45 minutes from the finish line, I headed back to Northfield to great him!

DSC08041 DSC08039 DSC08042when B. was arriving – the fourth person to cross the finish line, btw, the children’s parade was happening! so, that was a let down, as he did not get to cross the finish line on his bike!

DSC08044 DSC08047 DSC08050 DSC08048he did it! and was super exhausted! so exhausted he picked a fight with me and we didn’t get to enjoy the post ride party! but, happy, super happy to have accomplished this!

congratulations on your first century, B.! you are amazing!

the entire 52 project is here.

click here to check out Che & Fidel 52 project

the lovely Rebekka Seale created the “52″ button for Che & Fidel.


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