IMG_6138let’s talk about paris! I mean, I never expected to be so in love with a place the way I fell in love with paris! seriously! what a fantastic place! we had the best time there, i’ll tell you!

as soon as we arrived, we went straight to our apartment, to drop off our luggage and get ready to enjoy our day out! we rented our apartment through airbnb and it was a fantastic experience! i was so impressed with how amazing and easy everything was! and, believe me, I was a little skeptical of renting an apartment in another country! so much could go wrong!

we chose a place in the parisian neighborhood of Le Marais! this was a must in our list to find a place to stay, we want to be near the things that interested us! Le Marais is just fantastic! we also wanted a place with washer/drier, since we were not taking a lot of clothes with us and needed to get our laundry done, and we needed wi-fi! the rest did not really matter!

our host, Remy, had an office in the ground floor of this old building in the tiniest street in Le Marais, close to Republic. he gave us the grand tour of our place, gave us maps, the wi-fi info, our keys and let us be happy in that small, but super clean, well kept place! we loved it! our windows opened for the tiny street and there was absolutely no noise at night! the place was renovated and had the loveliest bathroom. we only have the best things to say about Remy and his place!

after dropping our luggage we activated our Vélib subscription – we used parisian bike share for an entire week, for 8 euros! can you believe that? – and picked up our bikes! I’ll tell you, we didn’t use the metro once, we used the bikes 100% of the time! I was so impressed with the bike culture in Paris. And, hey, I’m from Denver! there are bikes everywhere, there is bike traffic, everyone is on a bike, it’s lovely!

IMG_6104^^ everything there is beautiful! how is that possible?

we rode our bikes without much direction or purpose. we would just see things we wanted to check out, drop the bike, walk around, pick up another one, bike a little more, stop, drop the bike, photograph something and so on! it was amazing!

the first day we biked through the Marais, to the Concorde where we dropped the bike, because I really wanted to walk the Champs Elise – touristy, I know, but I wanted to do it and I wanted to so it by foot!

IMG_6101 IMG_6106 IMG_6105 IMG_6090we got lost, like, a million times before we got to the Concorde! but it didn’t really matter. every little street you turn to was gorgeous!

IMG_6103^^ we were probably lost!

IMG_6139^^ the place du concorde

IMG_6141after we started our walk on Champs Elisée i had to do something a little ridiculous, but I really wanted to do it, don’t judge too much, ok?

i headed to the original Sephora,  i really wanted to visit the store and i wanted to get my make up done in the store! paris deserved it! i wanted to feel good and look good! so I choose one of the kiosks with the make up artists, chose a product that i really wanted to buy — Clinique CC Cream – and went for it!

IMG_6143 IMG_6142I left there super happy! With my make up done, my new cc cream, I found the best colors in nail polish and explored the original Sephora! if you love beauté you need to do this once in your life, no?


… more to come!

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  1. mama said:

    Adorei tudo isso!!! Parais… tudo de bom!!

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