IMG_5594 IMG_5595when we arrived home from vacation there was a lot of fantastic mail waiting for us! one of the best things I found was my BirchBox Home Spring edition! it was so fantastic! It seams that BirchBox is testing this product and I love it so much!

inside, there was a cute shopping list note pad, two little glasses of jam, seeds so you can start a herbs garden, a baggu bag, a l’occitane perfume, and a tocca hand cream!

i was really impressed with the content of the box and so, so happy! i’ve been eying the baggu bags for a while now, and when we were in madrid i tried the l’occitane perfume and fell in love with it! what about that orange/cilantro candle? i’m obsessed! it’s funny how everything felt so perfect and catered specially to me: a lot of the products had citrus scents: my favorite! even the tocca hand cream is italian blood orange!

and the knife with flowery print? it’s making my kitchen happy!

DSC07928DSC07931DSC07935 DSC07930 DSC07929 DSC07932

  1. mama said:

    Isso é muito legal!!! Adorei!!

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