photoI received our engagement photo shoot cd this weekend: straight from Spain with the loveliest note from our photographer and I’d like to share some of our favorite images here with you! I’m dividing this in a few posts, to include a little of the story behind every location!

today, we will start with Parque El Retiro! this we the place where we got engaged, so it means so much to us! we went back there with our photographer in a rainny afternoon and had so much fun! we danced around the park, a lot!

0004_vanessa-bret_1304290010_vanessa-bret_1304290012_vanessa-bret_130429 0013_vanessa-bret_130429 0015_vanessa-bret_130429 0016_vanessa-bret_130429these are such special pictures for us! i’m always wearing red lipstick and B. is always walking around with red lipstick on his lips! this is def. his look! it happens all the time!

0018_vanessa-bret_130429 0023_vanessa-bret_130429 0032_vanessa-bret_130429it was raining so much, at some point we took cover at the “coreto” – I don’t know the name in English! at first, I was super pissed at the weather! I was upset we would not do what we had originally planned at the park, and the rain would destroy my hair, etc… after we met with Jesus and his friend Carlos, we had so much fun, I forgot all about it, enjoyed the afternoon to the fullest!

0039_vanessa-bret_1304290040_vanessa-bret_130429 0041_vanessa-bret_130429 0057_vanessa-bret_1304290064_vanessa-bret_1304290071_vanessa-bret_130429 0077_vanessa-bret_130429 0083_vanessa-bret_130429 0089_vanessa-bret_130429 0093_vanessa-bret_1304290095_vanessa-bret_130429

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