^^ these are our happy faces, in the plane, on our way to our dream vacation!

Happy Friday, friends!

I’ve returned home, after a 24h30min journey and I feel, for the first time ever, completely jet legged. I woke up today at 4am (12pm in Madrid), by 8:30am I was cooking lunch! 1:30pm felt like evening… I’m completely on Europe time and have not really had the energy to do much!

around here, I have plenty of new projects, I’m re-doing our bedroom and then I’m going to work on our patio, B. wants a nice space where he can work in the summer outside, enjoying the nice weather! I need to move on with engagement announcement, party planning, etc…

I have a trip planned to NYC to see my mother and friends and have a lot of news! I’ll be meeting a friends baby, celebrating two birthdays, and participating in a baby shower! It’s going to be all fun!

And there’s work. This was the first time in my working life I’ve taken a 30 days vacation – like everybody else in the world those – and getting back to work has felt very, very weird. But, at the same time, I’m super excited, relaxed, full of new ideas and energy to do new things, start new classes, learn more, give more!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

I’ll see you here next week, with a lot of new things, engagement news, a new baby column that’s in the works, fun, fun, fun!





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