these have been an exciting few weeks. besides living my dream of visiting europe for the first time, on our 4th anniversary B. proposed to me.

how was it?

i could barely wait to share the news, but i waited a few days to savor the moment on my own, share it with our family member’s and announce it to our loved ones and friends first.

we spent the day at the Retiro Park, a gorgeous park in Madrid, full of secret hidden gardens! when we reached this amazing garden B. somehow missed during his first trip to Madrid, he dropped to his knees! we were taking the silliest pictures in the garden and my sweet cousin was photographing us! I’m so lucky to have images from this moment I never want to forget!

20130428-192825.jpg20130428-192852.jpg20130428-192900.jpgI could not answer him, I was too busy crying, like the crying baby I am! I’d like to share these great images with you:

20130428-192911.jpg20130428-192919.jpg20130428-004725.jpgwhile we had the most romantic engagement dinner with my family in spain and celebrated this beautiful moment in our lives, we are planning a beautiful, happy, fun celebration here in the US, probably in NJ {where our families are} during the second semester of 2013. i’ll keep you posted.

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 9.55.19 PM


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