B. is such a generous man! This 52 series has been so good to us! I took the time to stop, breath, take a look at him, the love of my life and reflect who his is!

This week, after I made many mistakes that led to us missing a flight to Barcelona, B. was able to forgive me! I need to desperately work on forgiveness! If we had missed a flight because of him, believe me, it would probable become a serious issue e a big fight!

I try to appreciate those with talents I don’t have! And his talent for forgiveness is remarkable! He showed me why what happened was great! Better than what we had planned! We took a bunch of day trips around Madrid! Spent time with my family, he got to see a Real Madrid game he was dying to see! In the end it was amazing! We had an incredible time!

I also realize I need to leg go! Learn to let go of plans! Unexpected things are the best!

I’m so thankful everyday to wake up besides him! B. is such an admirable man! It’s such a relief to me to have a relationship with someone I look up to everyday! Someone who has the biggest heart in the world!

I love you B.!






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