IMG_1382this will be our home in paris. when we were planning for the trip, we ditched the idea of staying in hotels. for paris, we wanted a premium location in Le Marais, without a premium hotel price tag. so we turned to Airbnb and ended up renting this charming apartment in our selected neighborhood.

it was a great idea, we wanted a home to come back to at the end of a long, touristy day. a place where we could have breakfast together, so we could be able to experience paris a tiny bit as a local, shop the local market and bakery for delicious pastries and come back home. wake up to fresh flowers from the local market. how beautiful is that?

as soon as I come back, i’ll post the link to our apartment and B. will write a review about our experience. isn’t this an adorable place?

IMG_1379 IMG_1381

^^ what about the view from our balcony? ^^


^^ one of the extra beneffits of renting an apartment is the ability to have access to a wash machine and get our laundry done while on vacation. it makes for smaller suitcases, easier to pack, since we can get clean clothes while we are here! ^^


  1. mami said:

    Eta vida boa!!!!! Adorei o Ap… lindo!!!

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