while i have never had the chance to experience europe until now, B. has been here 3 times before. when we were planning for the trip, he insisted i had to see paris. so, here we go: a quick escape to paris. romantic much?

i’m not a francophile and never had the urge to actually see paris. am I crazy? my obsession with europe is about spain, but i’d never say no to an opportunity like this. so, we will leave this morning to spend a few days in paris.

Screen shot 2013-01-25 at 1.36.07 PM{paris}

Rainy Night in Paris, by ParisPhotos, for sale here.

hope it’s the most romantic trip ever! – can i say that what i’m looking forward the most is to visit french pharmacies and bakeries? i want to buy an entire pharmacy and bring back home.

B. will be taking me to his favorite paris spots and i have been reading a lot about jordan‘s experience from living in paris an entire year {dream!}. i also used the design sponge paris city guide and luck magazine‘s paris guide.

do you have any suggestions for us? i’d love to hear about your experiences.

au revoir!


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