my grandfather Pedro Mael and his family moved from spain to brazil in the beginning of the 1900’s. since then, part of my family has returned to spain and live today in madrid. one of the biggest dreams of my life was to move there as well. while that never happened, i’m taking this opportunity to spend a few weeks with my beloved cousins in madrid.

i want to spend time with my family, learn more about my history, my spanish origin. feel the place where i came from. this search for the past/history has an immense meaning to me. it took me 30 years and 3 trials to finally make this happen (damn you, economic crisis).

hello, madrid! {i already love you!}

Screen shot 2013-01-25 at 1.26.39 PM{madrid}

madrid skyline poster from BugsyAndSprite

i cannot even begin to explain how excited i am. my heart is about to explode with happiness. this is such an important moment. i’ll be documenting every second of it. i just want to experience this to the fullest!

have you ever been to madrid? i’d love to hear it!

most of my research for this madrid trip came from dri, everywhere, by adrianna miller and the madrid city guide from design sponge.

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  1. você tem noção do quanto tô empolgada pra acompanhar essa viagem?
    tem né? ❤

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