happy friday, friends!

P1000481{the last vacation we took together alone was in july 2011, two years ago, we went to seattle and vancouver ans we loved it so much! — granville island public market, my favorite place from this vacation}

we are officially off on vacation starting today! {ok, vacation starts on monday, we have a full weekend, but — whose idea was that, vacation on monday? vacations start on fridays!}
– i digress…

i can’t even explain how amazing that sounds. the promise that @move2denver belongs to me and is all mine for two entire weeks? movies? romantic moments? dinners? bike rides? oh, B. i so love you!

vacation sounds like a dream!

IMG_1499{gorgeous peonies from the pike’s peak market in seattle.}

we have been preparing hardcore for this vacation.

how we prepare for vacation around here:

1. I spent days unsubscribing from every single stupid email i receive. I don’t want to see anything on my inbox, and when i return to work, i don’t want a sea of spam and Ann Taylor Loft emails i will need to delete. So, this has become a tradition already, before leaving for vacation I unsubscribe from everything, even things I enjoy. If I actually like my Birchbox emails, I’m sure I’m miss them and subscribe to them again…

2. I select all the magazines, books and movies I’ve been craving and have not had time to read/watch and put them all together in a pile. I update my kindle, download the latest issues of everything possible… It’s just a group of amazing media I want to absorb and have not had any time to do so… I just love it!

3. clean the DVR. I make sure I cancel the recording of trivial, daily shows. I don’t need to return home to 30 episodes of enews or conan. Also, whatever I have left in the DVR before I leave, I make sure I delete those as well. I need to make space for Game of Thrones and all the amazing things I’ll miss while on vacation!

4. get our workout in. we are trying hard to squeeze every single workout we can in before we go on vacation. who wants to be on vacation and deal with the misery that’s working out? i don’t! so, i’ve been hitting the gym hard and going on plenty of bike rides to make up for all the amazing food i’ll stuff my face with.

5. drinking cold terminator. every time i go on vacation i get sick. one year i got pneumonia, another a stomach virus that sent me to the hospital… this is how i roll. to prevent any disgrace this time, we are on a diet full of vitamins, loads of fruit and greens and my favorite juice ever: cold terminator. it’s a delicious, tasty juice made with beats, carrots, oranges, lime, mint, ginger, orange juice and coconut water. we are also taking 1000mg of vitamin C and echinacea.

P1000497what are your plans for the weekend?

i’m going to hit the gym, watch a bunch of movies, go on bike dates, enjoy the sunshine and eat some delicious food at mod market. that’s a plan!

have a great weekend!

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  1. Louise Mahlbacher said:

    Enjoy your vacation

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