52-250pxphoto(19)“a portrait of B., once a week, every week, in 2013.”

last week, B. and I got to go out on not one, but TWO dates! That’s right people, two dates in one week! fancy, hun? he knew he was going to be working the entire weekend, and took sometime during the day to go on fun bike rides with me! ans it was wonderful!

i truly appreciate the fact that B. thinks of me when he knows he will be super busy and tries to allocate time so we can do something fun together. that’s so important!

on thrusday we biked to lunch, we ate at one of my favorite places: mod market. they serve super healthy food over there, super foods, incredible salads, everything tastes amazing! then on friday we rode our bikes all the way to downtown denver, had healthy, fresh pressed juice at parsley and stopped by one of my favorite stores in denver: fancy tiger! they have crafts supplies, amazing fabrics and i was looking for some cool cotton for the baby leggings!

that store is also so beautiful and they have one of the best walls i have ever seen!



^^ hey, dude, i can see myself in your eyes! ^^



^^ the new helmet, B. always says the helmet is adorable!




^^ healthy food at parsley, in downtown denver. ^^



^^ i got the amazing triple berry smoothies sweetened with agave.

IMG_3302IMG_3305IMG_3307IMG_3303 IMG_3304


^^ beautiful buildings downtown! i could totally move there! the views of the mountains are amazing!




^^ how amazing is this feature wall? i just love it to pieces!

IMG_3311 IMG_3310 IMG_3291IMG_3308

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  1. que batom lindo! que pele incrível! eu te odeio! hahahahahahahahaha (mentira <3)

  2. mami said:

    Meus atletas mais lindos!!!!

  3. mami said:

    Você tem que fazer um poster dessa foto do Bret com vc nas lentes do óculos…..

  4. mami said:

    Quero ir nessa loja!!! Que tecidos lindos!!! Amei!!

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