happy friday + favorite things

happy friday!

my mom sent me a selection of her new throw pillows and cushions from her 2013 collection for my birthday. and they are just awesome! i’m going to photograph all of them this weekend! there are some many cute patterns and even clouds! i love her etsy shop!


and here are my favorite links this week:

1. now that i’m in my 30’s it’s time to learn a little more about wine. i’m researching wine clubs to become a member. any tips? i really like this daily candy piece about the best wine.

2. cara from a fashion love affair has the prettiest blonde hair.

3. in love with my new journal, slick red. love it!

4. a denver organic grocery shop that delivers at home and you can shop online? i’m in!

5. loads of valentine’s day inspo here.

6. this book and this blog.

7. this bikini bottom.

8. the wonders of 23 and me.

9. a million first dates from the atlantic made me think.

10. for our friends and family in nyc who are bracing for another winter storm: let it snow day.

have a happy, positive, fantastic weekend!




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