storage space

photo(25)while biking around the neighborhood last weekend, B. and i stopped by a few apartments and townhouses for sale. our neighborhood is located in an old air force base, and my favorite spaces are the former general quarter lofts. they are modern and gorgeous.

the dream of owning a home is a bit far for us right now. in fact, we joked that today, the best we could do was to own a storage space in the neighborhood. but, we are always exploring and researching what would be best for us, once the time comes.

our neighborhood is quiet, with a lot of couples our age with children. we got to the conclusion that, even though the two of us would like to live downtown, owning a place in Lowry would be great for our future baby mael shugrue. there are just so many parks, open space, playgrounds and the east side of town is so much warmers and sunnier. B. and the baby can play soccer in the grass all sunday long. i love it here!

IMG_9795IMG_9794IMG_9782if you are looking for homes for sale in the Denver Metro Area you can click here. Move 2 Denver is the cutest, raddest realtor in town.


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