be positive / less is more

IMG_9291i could not be happier or more excited about 2013. i have this positive feeling about this year. like everything could happen. that I waited my entire life for 2013. i just cannot explain.

the idea was: start the year on a positive note, keep positive about life, attract good things and fantastic people. the mind can change everything. i’m sure! so far, i’ve quit smoking {i was a smoker for 19 years!} i’ve quit soda. and, while on that process, i worked hard not to add pounds to my new body. my birthday is here, next week, and i feel good about it, i feel young and healthy and have been juicing non-stop.

i’ve also set more goals: to live with less, to live happier, to live with more color, to apply my aesthetics and style to every aspect of my life, to abandon everything that looks ugly or has nothing to do with me or with how i am. B. and I exchanged closets. i really don’t need {and don’t use} our walkin closet. he moved his stuff in there and is over the moon about this new space. i picked up the linen closet and love the process of donating everything that is ugly, big, I don’t like anymore or does not have color and keep only what’s dear to me, and that’s colorful enough to make me smile. it looks so good.

B. asked a thousand times if i was sure, or if i was happy with the exchange. he cannot understand how a woman wants the smaller closet. but, this is the year of less is more. i needed to start somewhere. it helps i lost 65 lbs since 2010 and have absolutely nothing that fits me. like B. always says, this is a nice first world problem to have.

photo(24){now i just need to organize everything to look like a rainbow or an ombré closet}

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  1. mami said:

    Amei o novo guarda-roupas.

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