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IMG_9700every year I celebrate my birthday a bit different than other people. instead of celebrating the day (one day only), i celebrate an entire month. {and, no, I’m not ashamed of it. it’s awesome!} i choose a list of birthday celebrations, and try to do a lot of cool things, all within that one month.

this year, to celebrate my 30th birthday, one of the things i really want to do is to visit all the major museums in Denver. we started today, with a visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens at York Street. we had been there before, but it was during the summer time, the place was beautiful, colorful, gorgeous flowers everywhere.

this time  it was very, very different. it’s winter and everything is dead and brown and bare. i don’t know what kind of dream land my mind lives in, i really thought the Botanic Gardens could be colorful even during the winter. they have been advertising an Orchid Exhibit and we were not impressed. there were only half a dozen of orchids. no variety of colors. really, not impressive.

but, the day was gorgeous! 60 degrees outside, the sun shinning, just a beautiful day for a stroll around a bunch of dead plants.

IMG_9693 IMG_9682 IMG_9699 IMG_9654


this is the dome of the tropical area they have inside the gardens. it’s almost impossible to be inside for more than 5 minutes due to the combo heat + humidity.

IMG_9697everything frozen.

IMG_9702 IMG_9698

the unimpressive orchid exhibit.

IMG_9696 IMG_9686 IMG_9685 IMG_9694

dead gardens…

IMG_9658only the cactae will survive.



B. wore sweater {perry ellis}, jeans {lucky brand}, tee {Obama campaign} sneakers {pf flyers}, hat {h&m}.

I wore sequin sneakers {converse}, waxed coated jeans {zara}, doted sweater {F21}, scarf {gap}.

  1. mami said:

    Vcs estão lindos!!!

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