big bites 2012 / colorado {part II}

photo(23)you can see part I here. I didn’t realize how long this post was until I published it. this is part II of big bites 2012 / colorado. after the jump.

IMG_9379city o’ city

after some very cool renovations (they have the wall mural we like the most here in colorado, you can see it here), city o’ city is open for business and their new menu is amazing. this is one of the collest veggie spots in town, with loads of vegan options, a fantastic bakery and coffee shop.

IMG_9378Ocean Prime

this fantastic tunar tartar happened during our celebrations of my citizenship last year. what a great discovery in my life, my belly was very happy!

IMG_9381Casa dos Mael

this is the type of breakfast we have around here: fresh fruit, açaí drinks, yogurt and almonds. delicious! and we can always add the original Havana Alfajors.


undoubtedly the best tacos in town. these were língua = cow’s tongue. my all time favorite. if you are ever in Denver, this is one place you can never miss. and, on Mondays, they have all night happy hour!

IMG_9376Stapleton Farmer’s Market

when we have Sunday’s off (around here, at Move 2 Denver, that’s something rare!) we love to bike to Stapleton and have a yummy lunch at the farmer’s market. they have salads, sandwiches and the best fresh fruit drinks.

IMG_9363Blue Finn

one of our favorite sushi places, in Stapleton, the food is just delicious. order the lobster dynamite.


my current favorite obsession. I can’t go to the movies or to the mall without stop by Fresh. they have the best green juices and organic food. their bacon, turkey avocado panini is a winner.

IMG_9365French Press

my love, my favorite French café in town. you can choose between crepes and the most delicious breakfast dishes. the coffee is pretty amazing too.


we live besides one of the most popular breakfast places in town: snooze. there are always loads of people waiting in line out side. it does not matter the time of the day. 6am, 9am, 2pm, there will be a line. and we find that RIDICULOUS! so we avoided for the longest. until one day, in the middle of the week, we decided to have breakfast at 10am and went to snooze. no line. and the food? incredible! now I get it! people come here for their chorizzo eggs benedict. I know! just mouth watering.

IMG_9366Lowry Farmer’s Market

this is OUR farmer’s market. we claimed it long time ago. a couple of block from home, every Saturday during the summer, we take a stroll and stop there to buy wheat-grass, lemonade and fantastic donuts. it’s our favorite: tiny, not crowded with delicious food.

IMG_9364Boom Yogurt Bar

Boom is also in our neighborhood (I think we live in a good place, right?), it’s not only your ordinary frozen yogurt joint. everything they serve here is organic and local. the yogurt is noosa, from Boulder, the coffee is amazing: NOVO also com Colorado. They also have oatmeal, burritos, fresh fruit. it’s just the perfect place to have a healthy breakfast.


amazing! this spinach and shrimp risotto at Riviera, in Glenwood Springs was just incredible. if you ever decide to go skying in Snowmass or Aspen, stop by Riviera for dinner. they are great!


Lucile’s is our creole, New Orleans restaurant in Denver. they have these beignets that can easily compete with Café du Monde’s. it’s another place that’s always packed, long, long lines.



i hope you all enjoyed big bites 2012! i have my reservations for Restaurant Week next month and can’t wait to tell you about the new places we will try.


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