an awkward & cold day


this was a very weird, awkward and cold day. I didn’t sleep last night, which just makes things blurry. and, in the morning, when B. was up, it was -19F – wind chill. it’s been a long, cold, crazy cold winter. the problem with that is: my routine is completely screwed up. and I need my routine. I need my sanity.

since I started working from home, I created a series of rules and a serious routine I followed daily just so I wouldn’t go crazy. I have a calendar of what I should clean in the house, to keep everything shinning and not make me crazy tired, I have my workout routine and then, I work until I fall asleep.

but, with this weather, there is no chance I’ll leave the house to go to the gym (I have another rule, I’ll only go to the gym if it’s over 40F outside), and with darker, shorter days, I have no desire to clean. add to that the fact we have so much work lately, that a 24 hour day feels way too short. result: my routine is completely screwed up. and I miss my stupid little things. I miss going to the gym and, call me crazy, I even miss cleaning.

but hey, I’m not complaining (ok, not complaining about anything but the miserable weather). I love the work we are doing, I absolutely love working from home, and I work the new challenges that 2013 is bringing to our company. it’s just fun. and it’s fantastic to work with B. – except for when he throws temper tantrums, which happens sometimes. and, during this awkward day, I got to leave the house, stop by Starbucks, get us a sweet treat and a cup of coffee to make things, well, sweeter.

here is to the promise of warmer days, to the return to a healthy routine that includes daily visits to the gym, a return to #milaaday, lots of work, sunshine, and cleaning.


thank you for letting me vent.

  1. -19?! Damn! Here in England it is currently -2 and I am wrapped up in jumper, scarf and hat …with the heating on! I shoudl think myself lucky really.

    Cool blog by the way guys.

    • Tell me about it! It’s been a tough winter here in Denver. It’s usually not like this at all, great sunny days, many warm day sin January. But, this time around, we were not so luck! Thank you for visiting!!!

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