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lifestyle/1: dressing for a business meeting after the snow and with temperatures in the teens.

in the middle of this artic cold we currently have in Denver right now, we had to leave for a business meeting with B. on Saturday morning. boooooo.

so, what I tried to do here was to survive. there are many layers under what you can see. 🙂 as a girl from Brazil, I have never gotten used to the winter in the US.

one of the best things about working for yourself: i can dictate the dress code in our company. and I must say: our dress code is more in the lines of “you should feel comfortable, you should have fun with colors, you should be yourself”.


boots {sorel}, fleece lined leggins {similar here} – I get mine at Nordstrom Rack: fantastic prices, jacket {brooklyn industries}, yellow bag {love culture}, yellow gloves {h&m}, knit hat {love culture}.

  1. mami said:

    Lindas fotos!! O céu está magnífico e vc está linda!!!

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