“a portrait of B., once a week, every week, in 2013.”

I was inspired by the Che & Fidel project named 52. it’s a portrait of her adorable little ones a week, every week, during an entire year! here is so much commitment to that, it’s even a little scary. but, we decided to join in, participate, and I’ll posting a portrait of B. every week here.

this first week of 2013, we were running errands together, and we were famished. we have been seriously dieting, trying to focus on food that’s healthy, juicing a lot, a eating salads, we are avoiding any type of food that’s not prepared inside our casa. 

we started joking about how strong we are. #not.

our time together is so much fun. even running errands with B., driving all over town is always such a great pleasure. he is just so funny and beautiful. I’m very glad I decided to start this project. this way, I can share the magic of his blue eyes with all of you.



more info about 52 here.

the lovely Rebekka Seale created the “52” button for Che & Fidel.


B. wore sweater {h&m}, jeans {lucky brand}, hat {outlets at Silverthorne}.

I wore seater jacket {anthropologie}, dress {h&m}, pants {zara}, boots {ugg}.

  1. Ana Sandee said:

    Love this idea! I’m already 1 week behind though :-/

    • It’s never late to start! You should do it! I’m sure it would be great and funny with you and Erwin

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